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Luxury Holidays in Egypt

The very mention of the word Egypt conjures up images of lost civilisations and ancient mysteries. Suggestions of opulence and power ravage through visions of gold encrusted pyramids and sun blessed peoples. Egypt has been enjoying tourism for thousands of years since the days when Romans would navigate the Nile river to see the amazing pyramids. A country with so much biblical and historical importance, that the world would have been a different place without it.

It is not amazing to see how the epitome of Luxury holidays can be found in Egypt. Luxury holidays need Egypt because the thought provoking mention of living like a Pharaoh amidst a luxurious setting with such cultural significance, is almost impossible to resist. Luxury holidays in Egypt, for those with a healthy budget, will not disappoint.

Best archaeological sites to visit

Egypt has been closely linked to the dawn of history prior to the upsurge of Rome or Greece as centres of excellence in education and culture. Systems of logic, science and maths have all been traced to ancient Egypt at a time when Egypt was more a part of Africa than the middle east as it is referred to now. Some of the best archaeological sites to visit on a luxury holiday to Egypt are:

Valley of the Kings

Carved out of the banks west of the Nile river the painted tombs in honour of nobles, kings and queens decorate the landscape with awe and presence. The place where the tombs stand in honour of powerful leaders marks the seat of power during the New Kingdom period.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is carved out of what is believed to be locally sourced bedrock and has the body of a lion and the head of the Pharaoh Khafre, on the Giza Plateau. There is no conclusive proof of who actually erected the statue that stands 66 feet high and 240 feet long, but there has been suggestions that it was built during or before the terrain had grass. This would explain the apparent weathering by rainfall that was endured during this period of the Old Kingdom circa 2686 – 2134 BC.

Temple of Ramsses ll

This great temple was sculptured for Ramesses ll and is located in Abu Simbel, in the kingdom of Nubia near the borders of Sudan. There is actually a second temple close by and they are collectively known as the Abu Simbel Temples. The Abu Simbel Temples have been dated to around the 13th century BC and built by Ramessis to commemorate himself and his queen Nefertari. Luxury holidays in Egypt should always incorporate a trip to the Abu Simbel temples.

Best Hotels in Egypt

The Royal Savoy - Sharm El Sheikh

The Royal Savoy is an exclusive area reserved for those who prefer a special touch and want to be more secluded from the main hotel area. With it's own private beach area it truly is a gorgeous experience with nothing but brilliant reviews The royal Savoy has several, stunningly styled room choices, including standard (which is not as standard as standard hotels), Savoy Suite and Honeymooner Suite. The food is excellent and service second to none and the Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheik deserves a place in this review of luxury holidays in Egypt.

Fairmont Cairo – Nile City

The Fairmont Nile City in it's own words is “Modern luxury. Ancient Wonders.” Located on the banks of the Nile valley in Cairo, which means The Triumphant in Arabic. The eclectic blend of the old and new promise to create a subtle mix of ancient Islamic culture and a modern cosmopolitan buzz. To demonstrate that the Fairmont Nile City is worthy of all luxury holidays in Egypt, it provides a panoramic view of the Nile River as well as distant images of the Pyramids. So whether you are enjoying the rooftop poolside sky bar or the luxurious Willow Stream Spa, the Fairmont Cairo will impress you.

Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa

The newly renovated Hilton Luxor sits on the banks of the Nile in Luxor. The serenity of it's location can only be matched by the attentiveness of the service received. The Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa is a perfect base from which to explore the regions bountiful culture and richness of ancient memories. There are 7 bars to choose from and 2 infinity pools in this river side paradise. Or just chill and while away the hours on a cabana hammock beside the Nile.

Four Seasons Hotel Giza at The First Residence

This luxurious haven of self indulgence will gratify all those on the search for real luxury holidays in Egypt. The Four Seasons Hotel in Giza places the guest in the lap of the ancient wonders. With easy access to the Sphinx in Giza and many other attractions it is truly a first class experience. With fantastic views of the Great Pyramids over the top of the ancient botanical and zoological gardens. From Italian cuisine to Thai and even Lebanese, you can enjoy the aromatic blend of spices and the elegant but sincere mix of class, style and excellent service from this renowned hotel group.

Best Nile Cruises

Cruises on the Nile operate over the full 12 month period, all though certain months are too hot to enjoy the best Nile cruises. From June to September is best left to those who can tolerate temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade whilst those wishing to enjoy the best luxury holidays in Egypt wait until October, February or March when the temperature is in the comfortable mid 20's to 30's.

Luxor and Aswan are the points that most cruises sail between because the major attractions are seen along the banks of the Nile between these two places. The boats used on the Nile range between small basic local styled boats which are very romantic, risky looking tub boats, up to what the discerning luxury holiday goer would require, a luxury yacht.

Lake Nasser cruises offer an unrivalled opportunity to drift right up to the Temples of Abu Simbel when all of the tourists have been cleared away. Allowing the magical moment to be undisturbed by frantic tourists sweating all over you. Truly deserving of a luxury class traveller.


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